What Are Effective Treatments for an Underactive Thyroid?

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You know what time it is it's your turn to ask me all those questions you've been dying to ask who's first? First Here, you're up take it away. Hi Dr. Oz my name is Porsche. Porsche? Porsche. Porsche. I have a- What kind of Porsche? The expensive one. I have under active thyroids and currently taking a synthroid but my hear is brittle, more brittle than it used to be and many times I feel fatigued, is there anything more natural to take and possibly- Yeah there are a lot of things you can take, first of all synthroid synthetic which is why it's called synthroid.

Thyroid Armour is the pork version of thyroid gland ever heard of differences? So natural occurring gland or tissues sometime for some people it works much more effectively, because it gives you the exact hormones you need, as opposed to the synthetic ones which are also good but require some conversion, so if people are not getting a good result with synthroid, you can switch them to thyroid armour, if your hair is thinning and it does look like it's thinning and you feel like you are exhausted all the time, I would consider that, make sense?Thanks for this.

Thank you.