How Should I Wash My Hands to Prevent Infection?

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The most important thing is that you do it frequently, I don't think it matters that you wash it for three minutes, I think 30 seconds to a minute of washing your hands using some sort of antibacterial soap, I think is a good idea, there's some controversy about that, but that is what I recommend, and I think the frequency just depends on where you've been, and what you're doing.

So before your meals, definitely, if you just come off of the subway, and you've been touching everything, definitely, and it depends on where you work. So if your work environment, somebody is sick, or they sneeze on you, you're at their workstation using their phones, no you should just use your common sense, but just keep in mind that there's plenty of studies on this, it's a tried, and true way to reduce your exposure to getting the flu is by washing your hands, and that's a very simple thing that you can do.