How Is an Adrenal Imbalance Treated?

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Adrenaline balance needs to be addressed on multiple fronts. First you need to look at food and the food means not just what you're eating, but how you're eating. No skipping meals, you know you need to eat every three or four hours, make sure that you blood sugar is not going up and down eating too much sugar.

So stabilizing your blood sugar levels by eating protein with every meal, so there's a little checklist about the food approach, how to eat to help you your adrenal stay healthy, so that's number one. Number two, you really need to look at the stress and how stress is coming to your body.

We can't all live in a bubble, we all have lots of stress a round us and I don't expect people to wipe away their stress, but I try to teach people and I encourage you to learn what I call mind body skills, ways to turn it off. Take that foot off the gas. You have to have time every day for relaxation sometimes I tell people just put on music and dance in the morning when you're getting ready for work and it can be that simple.

You need to have 5 minutes, 10 minutes when you're not, in your head, worrying, thinking, planning. So relaxation and mind varying medicine is a great, these are just tools like yoga, and meditation, and guided imagery and biofeedback. They'll always to help you find tools to relax every day so you must take your foot off the gas if you want your adrenals to bounce back and restore.

So the five adrenals are a lifestyle organ so we already ingested food and stress, then there's exercise, so not too much, not too little, moderate exercise, two hours a week of aerobics, some weight training in there, if your drill is a fatigue don't over exercise that'll add extra stress to your system, so number four is toxins.

Toxins can really stress the adrenal, so you want to clean up your world, you want to clean up your outside world from toxins and your inner world, and we talked earlier about helping the liver remove toxins, and so these are also things like too much caffeine, too much caffeine too much alcohol.

So be careful about too many toxins in your world, that will definitely stress your adrenals too.