How Does Aging Affect the Immune System?

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Ageing does need to affect the immune system. It turns out that the immune system is built from the ground up. There are four foundational systems that if they are healthy, your immune system will be healthy too. So we always start with food, the food you eat has the power to create inflammation in the body which can be damaging to the immune system, or it can provide rich antioxidants and the anti inflammatory that will support immune health.

So we always work on food first. The second is stress and the adrenal glands. You do not want to live with constant stress and not sleeping because you can end up adrenal fatigue which will damage your immune system. So if your adrenals are happy and healthy during your lifetime then your immune the system will be happy and healthy as well, the third very important piece is your gut.

You have 100 trillion bacteria is your gut and they're really important in determining the health of your immune system, so if you have a healthy gut you'll have a healthy immune system, and so if we focus on digestive wellness, making sure your gut is healthy, making sure you're not taking anti acids, making sure that you're not taking too many antibiotics, your immune system will benefit from that because your gut will stay healthy too.

And number four we always have to look at the toxins in our body and the toxic burden. Toxins damage the immune system and this is one of the reasons why the immune system does get sick as we age, because as we grow, as we age and grow up go through our years, we succumb to environmental toxins and chemicals where they were all filled with, they're all around us and so we have to make sure our liver is doing a really good job mobilizing those toxins and digesting them and moving them out of the body.

And if the liver is really healthy and tuned up and able to clear all toxins, then they won't get stored in the body and they won't damage the immune system. so if you maintain a healthy gut, maintain a healthy liver, to remove those toxins out, you manage your stress and sleep well so that your adrenal stay healthy and you focus on eating an ant-inflammatroy diet, then your immune system will stay strong throughout the entire span of your lifetime.