How Can a Gluten-Free Diet Affect Weight?

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Gluten triggers inflammation in the body for a lot of people, I will say most people, you might not know it, you might not experience any symptoms from it but by removing it from the diet. You lower the inflammation mode in your body, and that's rely important for the health of fats cells and for your hormones that help regulate weight, your fats cells when they're in flames and hold on to fats and you can't lose it, so looking for any source of inflammation is key.

The other thing is by removing gluten from your diet, you automatically reduce your tendency to grab a doughnut, to have a bagel, when you're at the office, on the way to work on the way to school whatever you're doing, and a gluten-Free diet immediately gets you off all those process foods that we know are the core of why people are so over fat in our country.

Therefore the gluten-free diet just cuts those food groups out, and I think for that reason it's really helpful for weight loss.