How Can Herbs Help Improve My Digestion?

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A lot of digestive symptoms are caused by an overgrowth of harmful bacteria or yeast in the digestive tract, also called the gut, you can refer to it either way. When you have this overgrowth of bacteria when you eat food, they have a party, they give off gas, they cause the common symptoms of bloating and discomfort and change your bowel habits, loose stool, constipation all those sort of IVS kind of symptoms.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to fix the flora, when you have an overgrowth of those harmful bacteria or yeast often there's an undergrowth or not enough of the good stuff and we all hear on the news the importance of probiotics and how they help digestive health, well they do but the analogy I like to use is if you want to have nice flowers in your garden which is the good stuff, if you have too many weeds in there the flowers can't grow, and so therefore you need to go in and basically use a weed killer to get rid of the weeds to allow the soil and the terrain to let the flowers grow.

The best weed killers my favorite ones they are herbs because they clean up both bacteria and yeast at the same time and so therefore unlike antibiotics which only get the bacteria [xx]. A yeast infection for example, the yeast overgrowth, the herbs will cleanse out weeds, the bacteria and yeast at the same time.

My favorite herbs are, I use oregano, the gentlest of all the herbs I use. It's a great place to start, if you have mild digestive symptoms and it's especially good for yeast or candida 200 milligram three times a day with food is a great way to take a oregano. I also love, there are many other herbs that are great, Barbarin is one of my go to, it's really a standard in the [xx] medicine world, 400 milligrams twice a day of barbarin will really help clean up both yeast and bacteria overgrowth as well.

In general, I recommend a minimum of two weeks, if you have a mild symptoms two weeks of herbs might be enough. My standard length of time is a month, if you have IVS, if you have even Systemic Arthritis, there is a condition called leaky gut and a leaky gut syndrome and that's caused when you have too many this overgrowth [xx] bacteria causes the permeability of the intestines to increase meaning the barrier function isn't working in the gut like it should and food you eat or anything that you bring to your mouth causes stomach inflammation as a result of the food you eating leaking into your body through this leaky gut.

Therefore, the very first step to fixing this whole problem is restoring harmony and the right kind of bacteria to the digestive system.