What Can I Drink to Help Prevent Pain in My Body?

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To prevent pain, you want to be drinking water consistently through the day, to get you to drink a little bit more water I like my special drink is to take 8-16 ounces of water and put a little bit of cayenne pepper, a little pinch or an eighth of a teaspoon, you want to do it to what you like the flavor of little bit of ginger, a table spoon of liquid ginger or fresh ginger, and a whole lemon, and you want to sip this through the day.

When you add those sort of things, they also help to reduce inflammation, all cayenne pepper, ginger and lemon are all alkalizing to the body and they do help to reduce chronic inflammation in joints, so not only should you be sipping water through the day, if you add those elements to your water, you're going to back yourself up with a little bit of extra help to decrease inflammation.