How Could My Lifestyle Cause My Chronic Pain?

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Our lifestyles are the cause of chronic pain. It's the repetitive postures and movements that we create from day to day like sitting in a chair, at a desk all day long staring at a computer, or any type of repetitive things like texting, or even running or exercising. If you're doing these things frequently in a day, because our repetitive postures cause connective tissue to dehydrate, and if you never restore the fluid state of the connective tissue, it creates stuck stress.

The melt method is a technique to help people eliminate some of that stuck stress, and get the movements going back in the connective tissue system so that your repetitive postures in your lifestyle don't cause all of the damage that most of us are looking to avoid, and it definitely decreases the the potential for you to have chronic pain.

I developed the melt method to empower my clients to get out and stay out of pain so that they didn't always have to come back to me to find a solution. So what I've learnt about connective tissue is it has a behavior and so I developed these very easy moves and techniques and products, to stimulate the tissue in very gentle ways, so that it creates a fluid exchange, through using soft balls on your hands and on your feet to stimulate the nerve endings, and the connective tissue cells, and also a soft body roller that you can use to address regions of your body where stuck stress loves to live like your shoulders, your spine, and your low back.