How Can I Manage Chronic Pain?

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What I really love to teach people is to stop managing their pain and just get out of it. Managing your pain sounds like a lot of work. Instead, you can learn how to address the stuck stress living in your body by restoring the fluid state of your connective tissue. The melt method is a simple easy technique that just takes a few minutes a day, and if you begin to address the dehydration that is just existing for every person just because of natural life, this is a great way to boost your ability to maintain not only an active healthy life but one that's pain free and really full of vibrant energy.

So I developed what I call the four Rs of melt, reconnect, rebalance, rehydrate, and release. I teach people to assess their own bodies, and learn where stuck stress is living in their bodies, then I teach very specialised neurological technique, to restore natural balance. They are so simple to do, anybody can do them in minutes a day, and then I teach people how to re-hydrate their connective tissue through compression and pulling techniques that allow gentle exchange in the cells of their connective tissue, and then I've also developed techniques to teach people how to release their neck and their low back, because they are the two primary spaces in the body, and they are the ones that have the most stuck stress that accumulates and damages the spine, and ultimately leads people down the road of chronic pain.