Can Stress In My Marriage Make Me Fat?

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Question number 2. Since you've been married, have you gained a significant amount of belly fat? Let me show you what happens, why this is so important, this is an animation I think will bring us to life. And if we tell the story of stress and what really happens, it's all about what's going on in your brain to get go.

So, you have enough fight, and things ain't going well and you say things maybe you shouldn't have said and if the end of it goes into the brain especially the female brain you've got a hypothermias, the great thing is the pituitary that's where the brain and body talk releasing chemicals to the adrenal glands sitting on top of the kidneys.

These glands secreting all kinds of hormones including epinephrine that bases the heart, the heart beats faster as it can and it's all stressed out and pounding, it sends out stress hormones that allows that belly fat to grow ponderously large. So we eat more of things we shouldn't eat, and we still that fat in our belly.

Where's Angela? Right hereCome on over here Angela. I think a little demonstration will explain why [xx] does this. So let's pretend that these are fat cells, alright Angela? So, put your pen down because you'll need both hands for this. These fat cells are naturally dormant like this and they fit inside of your body, seats in your waist, your belly area pretty comfortably.

What happens when you get stressed out is the nocodozole[sp?] comes on to the top of these balloons and it opens up the mouth and then go ahead fill it up, the balloons as they get turned on the cells metaphorically go on and squeeze it down. Yeah hold that one. Good. See a big draw with balloons.

Very nicely done. My balloon likewise is irritated by stress to hormone set up they puts the fat cell into overdrive and now try to put this in here, now we don't have room anymore, and we are just bulging from our waistline and are not happy, we're not comfortable, we're irritated and irritable, it's all because cells have turned out, so what we want to do is get the triglyceride the fats that are circulating in our blood not the deposited cells in these fats cell but be wasted away so you have to replace these and that's what relieving stress does in your life and in your marriage, Angela thank you very much.