Why Should Depression Be Treated?

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If you're finding that two weeks or more have gone by, and that you're experiencing difficulty with your mood, you're having a persistently chronically low mood daily for long parts of the day, your energy is low, and your appetite might be changed, you're having difficulty sleeping, or perhaps you're sleeping too much, you're not enjoying the things that you once used to do things that are not as pleasurable, you feel hopeless, you feel helpless, you feel fatigue, you're irritable, you just don't feel like your normal self, you really want to think about depression, and it's important to get treatment for depression as soon as possible because, depression affects every aspect of your life, it affects your job, it affects your relationships, it affects your physical health, your mental health, and in severe cases it can take your life.

There are a small percentage of people who have depression, who have suicidal thoughts, and therefore it is extremely important, and it really does lower the quality of your life, so why would you not want to be your best healthiest self possible? I think that people with depression are suffering, it's a real medical illness, and it's something that really can be treatable, and therefore should be treated.