Why Is ADHD Often Misdiagnosed?

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ADHD is often misdiagnosed particularly in adults and also I would say in women, because we have a stereotype of what we're expecting. When we think of ADHD which is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, we normally think of more of the hyperactivity side of it. So you think of like a little boy in a classroom being disruptive, bouncing off the walls, and actually that's not the case, because there is a big component of it that has to do with attention difficulties. So you might have a more quiet person who's a daydreamer, who's just looking out the window, or bored, or checked out, or has lost interest, and they are not causing the same kind of disruption.

Also, a lot of times people just chalk it up to personality issues, they would say, oh I've always been frazzled, or I'm a little spacey, or I'm disorganized, but they don't realize that if you're over and over again feeling overwhelmed by basic tasks, that when you compare yourself to your peers you find that it takes you twice as longer to get anything done, or that you really haven't reached your full potential one life, so you want to put all these things together, and say maybe this is part of a bigger syndrome that I can actually do something about.