What Should I Tell My Doctor at Follow-Up Visits for Depression Treatment?

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When you're seeing your doctor for follow visits, it's really important to let them know about any major changes in your life. So are there any major stressers, have there been any major loses, are there any new expectations, was there a job change, are you having problems with your spouse, are you having difficulty coping at work, are you perhaps using more alcohol than you used to?

Are there any behaviors that are worrisome for you? Have your family members said anything to you that they are concerned about? Are there any changes in your appetite, in your sleep, are you having thoughts of wanting to harm yourself, have you thought about suicide, is your libido down, or you're perhaps experiencing any side effects if you're taking any antidepressants, is it affecting your sex drive, is it giving you dry mouth, nausea, constipation.

So not only is it important to explain any sort of a physiological symptoms but also physical symptoms, side effects and major stressers. These are the top thing that I would want to know if I was a doctor meeting you in my office for a depression visit check up.