What Should I Look for in a Psychotherapist?

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I think the effective psychotherapist is one who I think is an active part of the treatment, who is not either simply listening or not simply talking, somebody who is trained, somebody who has an ability to establish a rapport with the patient, who understands a person's level of functioning, and really is key in parcelling up the diagnosis, and I would say actually that would be the first and foremost thing.

A lot of times people come to me and they say that I was given this medication by one of my doctors, and depression is a symptom we're not talking about major depressive disorder, when somebody says I'm depressed, or they are saying I'm sad, it's a symptom, and it's really important to tease apart this symptom is part of which disorder?

Are you sad and blue, and this is part of bipolar disorder? Are you sad and this is part of major depressive disorder? So an effective clinician is one who I think does take a very thorough history, and before starting treatment knows what they're dealing with.