What Role Can Pleasure Play in the Treatment of Depression?

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Pleasure plays an important role in the treatment of depression because we find that people who are depressed are not engaging in things that were once pleasurable for them and perhaps they're depressed to begin with, because they weren't doing so. So it's kind of like which came first, the chicken or the egg?

And we don't know but part of the treatment often I suggest to my patients and I might even write on my prescription pad, and I have done this, is go away for the weekend, go fishing, take a trip, go hiking, hang out with your family, go to a movie, do something fun, go to a party. So very much part of human depression is increasing a sense of pleasure, but not just pleasure, also a sense of mastery and this might be gardening, this might be cooking for you, this might be creating some sort of music if you are a musical person, playing an instrument, this might be photography.

So it's not only important to have a sense of pleasure, but also a sense of mastery, and this is sad because people who are depressed have lost both in their life, so part of treatment is to create a sense of pleasure and mastery in the treatment of depression.