What Kind of Healthcare Professional Should I See If I Think I Might Be Depressed?

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A lot of people primarily present to their intern as primary care doctor with symptoms of depression and often the doctor is the first person the primary care to treat. However a lot of times we see that primary care doctors are the first ones to sort of diagnose this if that's not their area of specialty and they've got 10 other medical illnesses that they're treating you for, they may not be as likely to be monitoring your medication to the doze that it needs to be [xx] to, so patients will come to me and say I've tried this medication, I've been on it for years, it's not doing anything for me, and I said, well, because you haven't the dose is not been [xx] high enough or patients are not being monitored for side effects carefully.

So, I would say if you are dealing with anything other than sort of mild anxiety or mild depression and you are interested in getting a comprehensive biological medical psycho-social assessment, seeing a psychiatrist would probably be the best option because you've they've got both hats on, they've got the medical component if they need to refer you to the medical doctor, or the medical treatable causes of depression versus let's say they are not [xx] person, they can also make that referral for to the psychologist.