What Are the Risk Factors for Depression?

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There are a variety of risk factors that are associated with depression, so first of all, having a family history. So, if anybody in your immediate family, parents, siblings, first degree relatives have had any kind of psychiatric illness or any kind of depression, anxiety, anything in that category, will increase your risk, also you having a personal history of depression.

So just by saying that if I had one episode I'm in the clear, that's not the case. We know that people who've had one episode of depression are 50% more likely of having a repeat episode. People who've had two have a 75% chance and people and who have three or more episodes have a 90% chance. So, previous history of depression is telling in terms of what you'll have in future history of depression.

Also having any kind of medical illnesses, so people who had diabetes, cancer, cardiac disease are all at elevated risk for having a depression. Also those who have history of substance abuse, or some other psychiatric illness, some trauma, child trauma, sexual trauma and domestic violence, sometimes you see of poverty, so any kind of sort of major life stresser, transition, job loss, can all be increasing one's risk for depression.