What Are the Characteristics of a Type C Personality?

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Type C personality are very accommodating, they are passive, they avoid conflict, and they are people driven, so this type might be one to bottle up their emotions, they generally would be shy, they won't tell you how they feel, they might be more bookish, in the sense that they tend to stay at home and want to fill up with a good book.

They also are very analytical and may be good with numbers, and type Cs may as a result of being shy, have some health risk, for example they have weakened immune system so, they are more at risk of getting viral infections, and we also see that type C bottle up things up a lot, and as a result being more prone to addictive behaviors because that's the way it presents us with an escape some of the anxiety from being all wound up.

Type Cs maybe more at risk for developing certain kind of irritable bowel syndrome because they tend to keep things a lot to themselves and as a result it comes out in other ways.