What Are the Characteristics of a Type B Personality?

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So type B personality tends to be relaxed, easy going, very social, and not worried or not stressed in the same way that type A's might be. They also are not as organized to a point that they don't tend to check their mail, or pay their bills as much on time. They don't have that thing sort of mortar and that need for sort of ambition and achievement as much as Type As do it.

We also find that as a result of being laid back, Type B people have different types of health risks associated with them. So classically when we think of being laid-back or cheerful you may think of people that live very long, or that take good care of themselves and you actually find the opposite.

Being laid back in and of itself is a risk factor because you tend to sort of minimize risk associated with health, and you don't take precautions and cheerfulness can be a risk factor actually for shortening your lifespan because you might engage in certain risky behaviors or may not cope as well as stress, as much as other people may.