What Are the Characteristics of a Type A Personality?

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Type A personalities tend to be very high strung. So these are your ambitious, go-getting, kind of very compulsive, impulsive and competitive natured type people. In the compulsive department you'll find that their desks are very neatly organized, their kitchens might be very neatly organized and these people tend to move very quickly and if you get in their way, watch out, they can get a little aggressive.

So they also tend to eat their meals very quickly and they always seem like they're in a rush. And specifically if they ever have to slow down, like in traffic, they're not happy. You do not want to be in the car or a passenger in one of these cars. Some of the health characteristics is that Type A tends to be chronically stress and as a result they'll have a weakened immune system.

You'll also find that they have a tendency to have more ulcers because of chronic after production, some of the risk taking behavior, the impulsivity can lend itself to having more ulcers as well as overeating. The impulsive quality lends itself to having poor food choices and as a result being overweight and having high BMI (body mass indexes).