What Are Some Natural Treatments for Depression?

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Some natural treatments for depression that I often utilize as part of the psycho therapy is looking at sleep hygiene. So this is really important, because a lot of people say that, when they are depressed they are either sleeping too much or sleeping too little and I want to make sure that people are able to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

So sleep hygiene and specifically, having people turn their cell phones off, no screen time while they're in bed, using the bed just for sleep or sex, keeping the blinds down, the shades down and trying to eliminate any distractions, no heavy meals before bed. These are all things that can help regulate one's sleep circle.

Exercise is also very important part of the natural remedy, three to five times a week, 30 minutes. Social support is another important part of treatment for depression. Going out with friends and family, scheduling things on a regular basis and also some of the natural supplements, so fish oil, omega-3 has been shown to perhaps be somewhat effective in mild anxiety and mild depression, of course there are more studies that need to be looked at, we also know that vitamin B12 deficiency, it's fully deficiencies, anemia, insulin resistance, these are all things that can contribute to depressions, so having a really thorough medical evaluation and supplementing if there are any deficiencies can be helpful as part of the natural treatment of depression.

Some of the other suggestions for the treatment of depression that I often recommend to patients is yoga, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and what I call a one minute meditation. So any of this things can be done in the privacy of your home, perhaps in your office, if you can take one minute, the deep breathing, where you are inhaling, perhaps and then exhaling to the count five, that could be very relaxing, progressive muscle relaxation, you can easily find this on the internet, a quick video, but where a person tenses and relaxes muscle group by muscle group in sequence and doing that for about five to ten minutes a day.

Taking walks while they might be mindfully experiencing nature. Connecting with nature is also in part, but again yoga deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness in walking, mindfulness in daily activities, really trying to allow yourself to be present. So when you find your mind wandering and going out to different tasks.

Mindfulness allows you basically to come back to the task at hand, and these are some of the natural treatments of depression that I often recommend to my patients.