What Are Some Emotional Issues That Can Get in the Way of Weight Loss?

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Some of the emotional issues that can get in the way of your weight loss can be things like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. I often see that my patients find that when they are sleep deprived, the next day they are eating many more carbohydrates and this has to do with leptin and some other hormones that have to do with early satiety that people who when they haven't had enough sleep, may be craving more sugary types of foods, and it also has to do with insulin resistance, particularly people who who have high cortisol levels or stressed, we find that this can lead to more abdominal obesity, visceral fat, which can be quit dangerous and increase severe risks for heart disease, and we are also seeing an anxiety in depression can cause over eating or aging cravings certain types of foods that are not healthy for us.

That in immediate future may be relaxing and feeding to that tone of pressure and sensation seeking but again may contradict our goals for weight loss. So emotional issues can absolutely have an enormous impacts on our attempts to loss weight. Sometimes our emotions whether will be feeling stressed, anxious, and body depressed can affect our attempts to weight loss through the lack of motivation.

Lack of motivation may take the form of one into just set on your cult when you get home. It may not be like that fuel and that energy you need to exercise. So, we can see that emotionally shoes can affect the we eat, making us crave unhealthy foods but at the same time it can affect our bailed exercise because it can affect our motivation and it can also affect your energy level, right? So if you are feeling depressed and you are feeling anxious you're more likely to either have this nervous energy, that is not actually allowing you to recruit and go to the gym, or you're feeling so tired that you're falling flat on your face or you are on the bed.

So this are ways that these can affect our ability to exercise.