What Alternative Treatments Are Available for Adults Who Have ADHD?

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So it's really important to take digital time outs to give yourself times during day, two or three times which you can block an hour where you're not being pulled into technology, and at the same time, I would say give yourself two or three times when you are going to assign yourself to check your email, because a lot of times people will say, oh I'm just going on there for work and next thing you know they are on there for four hours surfing the Internet, looking at shopping, looking at news, so digital time outs and also digital time ins, which is time when you're actually going to get worked on the computer and not socialize through social media.

The second thing I would recommend is deep breathing and relaxation, and that's really important for anybody but particularly with people with ADHD to be able to stop what they are doing and allow themselves 5 or 10 minutes of deep breathing, twice a day and we find that not only is this 50% reduction in anxiety or depression, you also see that it can be just as effective as medication and allowing a person to relax and focus on concentrate.