Is Loss of Libido and Erectile Dysfunction Common in Depression?

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As a psychiatrist I often see most of libido and ED in patients that come to me with symptoms of depression and what's interesting is that both the depression can cause ED and loss of libido. Sometimes even the treatments of depression some patients will complain of having difficulties with arousal. Normally though you find that the lose of libido that existed because of depression gets better with treatment whether psychotherapy or be on medications. What you will find is now that person is in a better mood they are also more sexually aroused or having libido they want to have sex, they are able to have sex, but sometimes achieving orgasm can be difficult and we see this for both men and women, so they might be erectile dysfunction in men or an orgasmia with women and there are other medication options into which can be sometimes added, or medication arrangements can be modified depending on your symptoms. But I say when I'm treating depression patients that it's so important to get the depression under control and at the same time it makes me sad when a patient has this side effect but I always say that I want to work with you to sought of get the best benefit risk side effect profile for you.