Is Depression Always Treated with Antidepressants or Other Medication?

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Medication in my mind is only one part of the treatment. I think depending on which doctor you're seeing, and which day you get them on, you may get a different perspective, but in my mind, a comprehensive treatment plan is just that medication is one part of it. When you're talking about more mild to moderate levels of depression, there are a lot of lifestyle modification that people can make in order to treat themselves.

For example, we know that exercise, there has been numerous studies to show that mild to moderate depression or anxiety people benefit from exercise, and it can be just as effective as medication. However when you're talking about moderate to severe, that's where medication then becomes more of a crucial piece, so in addition to behavioral therapy which is one type of therapy.

In addition to lifestyle modifications like the exercise, sometime I prescribe people activity. A lot of times people are depressed they don't leave the house, they don't talk to anybody, they're watching TV, and in my mind watching TV is a sort of a low rewarding behavior. You're not going to be getting any kind of conversations and social support from that.

So social support, exercise, if there is any sort of weight management, a lot of times people with depression end up eating a lot, gaining a lot of weight they're drinking alcohol. So again medication is one of this part of comprehensive plan, and involving the family is also really key.