If I've Had Depression in the Past, Does that Raise My Risk of Postpartum Depression?

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Having had a history of depression prior to pregnancy definitely increases your risk for post prom depression. And we also see that women who have a history of bipolar disorder or rather kind of anxiety disorders have increased risk. And specifically women with bipolar disorder can have Postpartum Psychosis so we often seem to see a link.

A lot of time women struggle with the issue of do I get off my medication if I have depression and that's something to really talk to your doctor about because some women if the risk is high enough, this depression is severe enough, may need to stay on the medication. And because we do see that a lot of women that get out of your medication around the time of getting pregnant and relaxing during the pregnancy, and being depressed during the pregnancy in itself could have just as serious outcomes that's potentially being on medication and having side effects.

So, we're always in medicine weighing risks and benefits and looking at a case by case basis, looking at the person's level of functioning. A lot of times when women are depressed during their pregnancy, they don't get prenatal care and they have higher rates of preeclampsia, low birth weights, so there're definitely inherent risks of depression untreated in a pregnant woman just as there might be being on medication and having side effects of it.