How Does Negative Self Talk Affect Me?

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We often find that there is a lot of negative self talk going on when people are trying to lose weight, and particularly that causes them to sabotage their own weight lose by giving into those thoughts. So the thought maybe this is hopeless, I would never lose weight, I've been fat all my life, or I've gained the weight and I've tried before, and I just can't do it, this is not going to work, that other people think I'm a fat slob by calling yourself names, by something what we call mind reading which is pretending to know what you think somebody else is thinking of you when you in fact you really don't, there are things that we call cognitive distortions, these are distortions or ways of thinking that affect negatively people's view of themselves of the world and their future. And find out if you've become a victim of your own negative self-talk and perhaps that might be the reason why you're having difficulty losing weight.