How Does Adult ADHD Affect My Relationships?

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Adult ADHD affects your relationships really in every way, so if you think about who are the people that you interact with, and interface with on a daily basis. So if it's your boss, are you able to even comprehend the instructions that you're being given or do you forget them by the time you get to your desk?

If it's a spouse who's asking you to pick up a grocery list, are you able to remember it or if you even wrote it down on a list, where did you put that list? If you're supposed to be picking up your kids from school, do you remember what time you need to pick them up, or are your kids chronically feeling sort of abandoned or neglected or left out, and you're not meaning to do that intentionally.

Also because there is a lot of impulsivity, and irritability you can imagine that if a person has a tendency to just kind of pick up and take off or not really have communication with their partner to let them know where they are going or what they're doing, or even communicate what they're thinking and how they are feeling.

So you can imagine that for the other partner who may not have ADHD, who may not understand, it can be really scary and unpredictable, and disruptive, in a whole family life, when you're trying to maintain predictability and stability especially when children are in the picture.