How Do I Lose Weight Successfully If My Partner Doesn’t Support My Efforts?

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For some people they can find that it's difficult for them to lose weight when their partners don't support their efforts. And in that case I think the first thing that you have to do is really have an open honest conversation with your partner to not only share where you're coming from or what your needs are and what your goals are, but also to understand what their goals are.

Sometimes I find that the reason that partners are not of support of this because they really are looking for a partner in crime. So when they go out into the restaurant, they want someone else to indulge with them in the dessert or perhaps they feel sad or perhaps it brings shades light onto their own need to have to lose weight or own need to have to change their diet and perhaps they're not ready to. So I think it's really important that you address what your goals are, what your needs are and willing to ask for that support.

And if they are unable to support you, at least ask them to not get in your way. So you find your partner is sabotaging your weight loss at times by bringing home unhealthy foods, by cooking unhealthy foods, by insisting on having dessert, I think you really need to have very clear boundaries and let you partner know before hand, before the meal is prepared, before you guys go out to the restaurant, that I want to let you know, I am not having dessert, and if you offer dessert, I'm just going to the bathroom.

I'm just going to take the check, I'm going to do whatever so, and I think you send very clear message in this point and let your partner know that you also want to help if they are overweight, want to help them and support them in their weight loss efforts. But having clear honest communication, dialogue, and where necessary, taking steps to protect yourself will be very important in your weight loss.