How Do I Change My Thinking From Negative to Positive?

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So when people are chronically pessimistic, they can change their ways of thinking. By A, realizing other certain kind of distortion in ways they are viewing things. So the way that I like to ask them is three simple things A, what would you tell a friend who is in the same situation? So if you're looking at something very negatively, can you separate emotion from facts and you step back a little bit.

The second thing I would say is they do a cost benefit analysis. So what is the cause of thinking this way? And people may say well my negative thinking is getting me to be depressed, I feel hopeless, I feel helpless, I stay up at night. What's the benefit of thinking this way? Actually there isn't much of a benefit, and and I would be happier and I would sleep better if I wasn't feeling so like weighed down by my negative thoughts.

And the last thing I would say is you form an alternative perspective. So how can you re frame the story? So if you have a big test coming up and you're certain that you're going to fail, can you look at it differently. Then you say to yourself, you know what? Actually, I'm pretty prepared for the test, I've done everything I can.

What's the worst that'll happen? OK, so I fail it, does that mean that I'm a failure in life? No, it means that I failed a test, so I could probably take the test over again. So these three simple techniques even though they may seem that if by simplifying your entire way of thinking, if you were to practice it on a daily basis, you will most likely have positive results and if you remind yourself.

It is your thinking and distortions in the way that you're perceiving it that's affecting the way that you are acting and not necessary the reality itself.