How Can My Personality Type Affect My Health?

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A personality type can affect your health based on how perceive stress and how do you cope with it. So type A personality some types you always no rush in your heart, in a hurry, and they generally are extremely stressful, they live stressful lives, they tend to have ulcers and asthma and headaches [xx].

Type B personality or lay back an easy going and cheerful and may neglect your health. Type C bottle things up, but at the same time, there are a people [xx], the doctors tell them what to do, they might more likely to follow it and type D also bottle things up, it's chronically pessimistic and they're also at risk of heart attacks [xx] that.

And I want to say that all of these are sort of risk factor but doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to have these things but knowing which personality type you are in can help you prevent some of the things. And also from positive association, so that type A being that they are so neurotic are also very conscientious about their health and might live longer because they take that at care of themselves.

If classically people don't fit in into one of the four, they predominantly have the characteristics that may place them in a higher probability of being in either A or B and they might have sub types or other quality, features of C and D. So most people fall to one of the two major ones and have elements of C and D in there, and depending on which personality type you are in, you might be at risk for behaviors or a health risk associated with one of those categories.