How Can I Know If I'm Ready to Start a Weight-Loss Plan?

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So when we talk about readiness to make change whether it will be with weight lose or any other aspect of our life, there are certain stages and these stages had to do with initially smoking sensation and now really they can be applied to any form of change. So the first stage is pre-contemplation, right?

Which is like I'm denial, I don't think I have a problem. Contemplation is I do have a problem, perhaps I know I'm overweight and I want to do something about it, and then we move on to action, and in the action phase we are actually watching what we're eating, and we're making those modifications, and we're doing the exercise, we're coming into the program, and finally there is a final stage called maintenance.

So you'll know that you're ready when you're no longer in denial, you don't say I don't have a problem, you have talked to your doctor, the doctor say you will benefit from losing X amount of weight, this will take off the weight or the pain on your joints, or the arthritis that you are having and this would be better if you could lose the weight, or perhaps the blood pressure.

You've identified a lot of areas in your life that are suffering as a result of your weight gain, or being heavier than you would want to be. You've identified reasons for the change, you've [xx] a support network, you've made a plan and you're at that point of executing that plan. So that's when I would say I know that this person is ready is when they know the reason for they have to change, and they also know the reasons that if they don't change what are the risks that are going to affect them, so that might be the hypertension or the high cholesterol or the heart attack for example.

So making a list of sort of the reasons to change and what's that risk if you didn't change. That's for me one of the big things that I homework when I know someone is ready step into action.