How Can I Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting?

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I am not a believer in Yo-Yo dieting, and I know that all of us have done it but what we find is that it doesn't last. Diets for the most part really should be about what works for you and what's going to stick for you in the long term. And to me that is not about eliminating things completely from your diet.

Although eliminating things from your diet for a short period of time can be helpful, and certain things absolutely perhaps you eat want to eliminate, for example if your intolerant with lactose or you have problems with gluten, digesting certain types of food or if you're a vegetarian, certainly within whatever sort of religious practices you might have or believe systems or physical limitations you may have, but for the most part if you're able to eat a wide variety of foods, and you can control the portions, and you can increase the amount of fruits and vegetables and healthy oils and nuts, and have a little bit of protein whatever form that may come in, if it's the fish or chicken, limiting the caffeine for example, limiting the alcohol, and saying that I'm going to allow myself, if I want some french fries I'll have some, maybe I'll have four or five for the taste not to fill my stomach up with it.

So, again I'm not a big fan of Yo-Yo dieting, I'm a believer in trying to stick with what works for you, understanding your body, understanding your palette, knowing that certain things you're going to want in your life, are there substitutes perhaps. Can you eat the Greek yogurt instead of the Yoginos, or a high fat ice-cream.

So, really being realistic and sticking with a plan and discussing with your doctor, what are the healthy choices or perhaps discussing with a nutritionist. These are things that you can do to help maintain your lifestyle and changes and prevent yo-yo dieting.