Does ADHD Affect Women Differently Than Men?

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Although we do see that men or boys usually make up two out of three of the people who are diagnosed so it's a little bit more common in males than it is in females. We see that the males you may see more hyper activity and as a result, getting into trouble maybe in school or talking out of turn sometimes this can lead to fights or behavioral issues but with girls you see that a lot of the problems that are going on are going on internally so not to say that there is not disruption there absolutely is.

You're just not seeing the disruption, because the disruption is internalized. So, in addition to feeling frustrated or irritable and losing your temper, you're also anxious, you have self esteem issues, so they don't cause or draw as much attention. So a lot times girls get missed earlier on and women who are used to kind of managing the household and doing 50 things at one time with family and friends and what not just think, oh this is just part of a busy life but again they don't realize that this maybe ADHD and this is not just living a chaotic modern life.