Can Psychotherapy Be As Effective As Medications for Depression Treatment?

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Psychotherapy is a very important part of the treatment of depression, and for many people, particularly in mild to moderate cases of depression, it can be sufficient. Particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which looks at the way that we view ourselves, the world and our future, and people who are depressed have negative views in all three areas.

In more moderate to severe cases, I would say that in conjunction with psychotherapy, some form of antidepressant medication treatment can help, but psychotherapy absolutely should be started in a person who's struggling with mild to moderate depression. Psychotherapy which is talk therapy, can be extremely effective for many patients.

There are a variety of different types of talk therapy, there's a Psychodynamic psychotherapy looks at sort of our past and how that affects our present, whether be important relationships in our life, also certain defence mechanisms that we might be using really focuses on the unconscious mind of what things that we have suppressed that needs to be brought to light, so that's one form of psychotherapy.

Another form of psychotherapy is cognitive behavioural therapy be with just something that I do in my practice which is looking at our cognitions which are out thoughts, out behaviours and our emotions. And what the interplay between all these are and the third is when they are is some form of psychological distress that it might have to do with the distortion in the way that we're perceiving things right so that perhaps there's a difference between how we see the world and the way the world really is.

And that may be causing us some problems and by modifying the way we think we can modify the way that we feel, and also certain behaviours whether it be becoming more assertive, whether it be changing our sleep habits, whether it be trying to achieve goals in our life, trying to get a sense of mastery, all of these things through psychotherapy can help people deal with depression and anxiety, and really be their best self possible.