Are You Eating Your Feelings?

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A lot of people have difficulty expressing their emotions, verbally, in themselves, they might not be aware of what they're feeling, and they may not be able to express and confront other people, and people who have difficulty confronting difficult issues in their live whether it be internally or with other people have a tendency to what we would call eat emotionally or eat their feelings, and they may then turn to food as a way of coping.

So for people like this, I would ask you to perhaps keep a journal of what you're feeling. When you find that you're not hungry but you're turning to food ask yourself what I'm I feeling in the moment? Is there some other technique that I can use? Can I distract myself? Can I go for a walk? Can I pick up the phone and call somebody? Can I perhaps look on the internet two minutes at a funny Youtube clip that would make me laugh or smile or relax? Can I engage in deep breathing? So there are a variety of things that people can and should do before they find themselves eating emotionally or eating their feelings.