Are There Dietary Supplements that are Safe and Effective to Treat Depression?

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We know that in milder cases, Omega-3 fatty acids have been extremely beneficial in mood and concentration, in memory. There are some thought that St. Johns Wort and SAMe have been effective in treating depression, however I would just say that a person really should be speaking to their doctor, a lot of the supplements although have been studied abroad and I know that in Germany people are doing a much better job than we're in sort of regulating, but in the United States, a lot of these supplements are not FDA regulated so you don't know what concentration you're getting there into what clarity, impurity of this of the herbal supplement and also it's important to make sure you mention to your doctor that you're on these supplements cause a lot of them interact so for example, St.

Johns Wort, it's very similar to serotonin receptor medication and if you were to sort of be taking both at the same time, you can have side effects on cynical surgeon and syndrome depending on the amount that you're taking. So it's really important that your doctor be aware because herbal supplements does not mean that they don't cause any effect or any side effects.