Why Is It So Hard for Me to Tell Others I Have Cancer?

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Okay, some people they still believe that having cancer is like a moral failure, that there is something defective about them or else they wouldn't have gotten cancer. So it is hard to tell people, also there is a kind of a thing that happens when you tell people they look at you in a certain way, and it's kind of with their eyes and a half mask like you are about to take your last breath, and no one wants to be treated like that by their friends, their colleagues, their families, the people at the school or the people on their lives.

So, its hard to tell people, it's also very repetitive. With our 24-hour news cycle these days, when something bad happens and you hear about it many many times or the everyday it often seems worse than it actually is, and when you tell people about your cancer you have to tell the whole story again and again and again, and sometimes that makes it worse than it is.

So, it is hard to tell people. Some people really keep it a secret, some people tell the world, some people have to tell everybody about the cancer because that's their way of coping, it really varies person by person.