Why Is It Important to Communicate with My Partner About My Cancer?

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Of communicating with the people who are close to you in your life is really important about many things including cancer, but sometimes because we are so afraid that we're not going to do well or that we may die sometimes that communication is really forestalled or pushed to the side and that's probably the time that everybody needs to be on the same page and communicate a whole lot more.

Many times are the people who love us, who watch us going through our treatments are frightened that we're going to leave them and don't want to bring things up because they're afraid of making us more small distressed, that's nice of them and that's very sweet but we're thinking about our staff anyway.

So discussing with your partner, how you're feeling, what your fears are, with your wife, with your husband is really, really important to do. They may not want to think about the future without you, they may not want to think about loosing you, but having an open discussion can be both helpful emotionally as well as very practically because in a good working relationship there are things each of you does does, that the other one doesn't have to do so well.

It could be something as madding as starting the washing machine or which laundry detergent to use, or it could be what are my passwords have you written the will, those kinds of things, so having good communication opens the line of discussion, as well as helps you teach each other what you need to do, and all of us as we're getting older I guess we don't need to that.