Who Provides Rehabilitation Services for Cancer Survivors?

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Well surprisingly, rehabilitation is a new area in the cancer world and that maybe isn't so surprising now that people are living longer and longer, having had a cancer and need to get back to themselves. In general, rehabilitation is provided by a whole specialty area which is called physiatry or physical medicine rehabilitation and there are people who do [xx] and then physical medicine and then are board certified and then work with a variety of other professionals, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, [xx] therapist, a variety of people who real specialize in sub areas of the whole idea that somebody can rehabilitated, or somebody can actual use professional help to feel better and be more functional after their treatment.

Not all those folks are for cancer savvy, so again go back to your cancer specialist and ask them who in your community, do they have experience with providing real good care to people after cancer treatment, it's a little different than having had a stroke or having had a car accident and having a brain injury.

Cancer rehabilitation is a specialized area and there are more and more people all over the country, who are experienced in this very special area.