Who Do I Need to Tell That I Have Cancer?

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Well, you don't need to tell employer in the workplace because even if you're on sick leave and have moved on to disability, the reason for your disability and sick leave is often kept from your employer by the carrier that runs through disability benefits. Most people will tell the people that they live with although some people do try to hide it.

Most people will tell the people that they feel close with. It's interesting but telling family members is really hard because family members, especially adult children, often have a lot of difficulty with having their parents have cancer. They really don't want to distress their parents all and they like to keep bad news away from them, but as we age we all think about getting older, getting sicker at something.

In retirement communities that's talked about at the pool, you hear the ambulances all night in retirement communities yet our adult children don't want to bring it up because mum will be upset. Mum is already talking about it, mum's thinking about it and everybody is talking about the doctor appointments.

So telling the family members is sometimes difficult, but sometimes really necessary.