What Emotions Are Common After Cancer Treatment Has Ended?

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Well, when people first find out they have cancer, everybody goes through a period of being very angry and very upset. It's pretty much part of the course and because of the way treatment is given these days, it's extended over a period of time even the hospital just a little bit of time mostly coming in from home if you coming in for radiation, that could mean 20, 30, 40 visits to and from the hospital.

That gives a certain amount of security. You are being watched, you are not alone against your cancer. There's somebody else with you. So as all this treatment is ending only logic would say it would be great not to have to go in every day, it would be great not to have to go in and get chemotherapy and get my pot washed.

It would be wonderful to get my own time back, but in fact many people get really frightened because they feel it's them against the cancer without realizing that chemotherapy radiation therapy lasts in the system for weeks or months after you finish, and it's not you alone against the cancer, you're just making your last visits.