How Can I Find a Therapist Who Deals with Cancer Survivors?

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Well the best thing to do again is to go back to your cancer specialist. Those people who are treated in comprehensive cancer centers or certified cancer centers, and that's more than 70% of the cancer patients in the United States are treated in centers that are certified by the American College of Surgeon's Commission on Cancer.

One of the standards for that certification is there has to be someone in the center who can help do triage, do a quick evaluation and either provide counselling services or know of the counselling services in the area often on private basis and on sliding scale. For people who live in remote areas, or the small percentage of people who do not go to American College of Surgeon's Commission on Cancer accredited centers, there are still other options.

Apart from the options online, Cancer Care is a wonderful organisation. It's totally free. Its mission is to provide counselling, and support for patients with cancer, and their families, they do counselling on the phone, online I often say through the either, and through smoke signals because they do so many different things, and many educational programs.

If you really are looking for a one to one counselling in your community in the counselling to find when there are two other sources. Speak with any of the pastors or any of the clergy in your community, they often know of somebody, they have a lot of counselling experiences themselves, and they know who is good in the area, who may be experienced some cancer.

And there is a national organisation, The American Psychosocial Oncology Society or APOS and they have a website that can help with referrals