Are There Supplements That Can Help Treat Cancer?

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There are many supplements that are thought to be helpful to prevent cancer. But during cancer treatment we have to be a lot more careful, because we need to make sure that any supplements that are taken mix well with all the medicines we give with chemotherapy, the nausea medicines, all the pain medicines and that could be a very difficult mix.

So we tend not to use anything more than a multivitamin and may be a baby Asprin and again that's case by case basis, person by person basis during treatments. There are people who believe that taking high doses of antioxidants during chemotherapy and radiation lesion therapy actually deactivate the treatments, and make them less effective, because they prevent these treatments from getting to the cells that are necessary.

After treatment, a bunch of supplements may be quite helpful, and again, discussing those on an individual basis with your cancer provider is a really good idea. There are some supplements that are necessary to take to maintain ideal body weight and again those are individualized on a person by person basis.