Which Is the Healthiest Sleeping Position?

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The healthiest sleeping position is laying supermom which means lying supine on your back and your spine, with our cervical spine supported that meas the curve in your neck is supporting something like cervical pillow that helps keep your necks stable so your muscles don't have to work too hard and your joints are all supported.

So, if people have lower back symptoms and they are sleeping on there back, one of the easiest solutions is putting a pillow under there knees to elevate both their knees off the floor. What that does is it flattens out the lumbar spine, which is the lower back, taking pressure off those very sensitive weight bearing joints, like the facets and the disks.

So people that have lower back pain, sleeping with there back with the pillow underneath the knees removes a lot of stress and tension. One of the most common position people sleep in is the side line position or fetal position. One of the things about that is, if you are sleeping in your right side, you are more prone to acid reflex and heart burn so try switching over to your left side.

And mechanically when you are sleeping on your side, it's very important that you keep your head in a neutral position so your nose is lined up your center of your chest, and if you are sleeping on your side, putting a small pillow between the knees helps take pressure off the the lower back as well.