How Can I Help Prevent Neck Pain?

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How can you help prevent neck pain? You can do that by, stretching and strengthening around the neck and the shoulder joints. The neck and the shoulders share some of the same muscles. So, typically, when one area is weak, because of their direct connection, they can pull in the other area and that can cause your neck pain.

So, to prevent it, you got to do the strengthening and the stretching around it. So, a great simple neck stretch will be, side bending your head to stretch your upper trapezius muscle here. So, I'm going to stretch my right side, I side bend my head to the left, reach around over the top to my left temple, and then give a little bit of over pressure as I'm pulling my shoulder blade down on the right side.

So this area is getting a nice big stretch and I would hold it for about 30 seconds and then slowly come out of it.