Why Isn't There a Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

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[MUSIC] Can we prevent Type 2 Diabetes? we can prevent it, but we don't know what causes Type 2 Diabetes so if we don't know what causes the disease, you can't come up with a cure. Now I said we can prevent it, if you identify as having blood sugars above the normal range but not quite the type two range, we have lots of interventions that can prevent that individual from going on to develop type two, and guess what they are? They're medications that we tentatively we use for people with Type 2 used early.

We have our artificial definitions of what blood sugars are, diabetic or not diabetic or pre-diabetic, and all the interventions, lots of studies showing them do take these medications typically to prescribe for people with Type 2, earlier you can prevent that individual as long as you take the medication so there is no real cure he has to [UNKNOWN] as the surgeons say they cure diabetes, they don't cure diabetes because as the weight comes back so does the diabetes.

Type 1 is an autoimmune condition but Type 2 is a condition called insulin resistance. It has nothing to do with autoimmunity and it's a very genetic condition. It's a defect in the genetic make up. We have not identified what gene that is and so until we come up with the cause of Type 2 we are not gonna come up with the cure but at least in the mean time if we can identify people early, treat them with lifestyle plus or minus medications we can prevent them from progressing.

But Type 2 Diabetes is a very very complicated condition into a resistance is associated not only with high blood sugars but abnormal cholesterol, increased blood pressure, abnormal clotting of the blood, inflammation lipid or cholesterol metabolism and that's why it's so important of Type 2 Diabetes to treat the whole individual, not just the blood sugars, but also the blood pressure, the cholesterol can get pickled folks on Aspirin or something, so it's a complicated condition really are not even close to even thinking about a cure, we're way close to a Type 1 because we know it's an autoimmune condition.