What Should My Family Know About Diabetes?

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The diabetic police really consists of anybody who is living or loving or taking care of, or being a friend of someone with diabetes, and it comes down to the same thing that we promote to people with diabetes at our patient conferences, education. If the wife of someone with diabetes really knows about diabetes, knows the do's and the don'ts, and knows some of the emotional barriers they can help that person achieve their own goals not by saying, hey you can't eat that, but more things like, hey, I'd like to share that piece of cake with you.

Let's cut it up in three or four pieces and have it over the next couple of days or could I buy you some more diet soda at the store? And if the blood sugar is elevated not say, what did you do this time? But gosh, that's got to be frustrating you, what could I do to help you avoid that situation? Or let's talk about it, let's figure out how to avoid that in the future.

So, it only comes down to education and framing the comments. You don't have to put the person in the adversarial defensive state, and it doesn't take much to get an individual in that right mode. So, the diabetic police all mean well, and I've heard Dr. Polansky say that they've been deputized by God to take control of your diabetes.

They all comes from a place in the heart of love, but they just have to frame it correctly, and guys especially we hate ultimatums, so don't tell us, when someone tells me I can't eat a piece of chocolate cake I say, watch this! And then I go and eat it.