What Are Ways Parents Can Encourage Good Responsibility, While Allowing Independence?

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When teens grow up and that might be a learning experience but the problem is that sometimes they really screw up, and the parents are so afraid that something serious is going to happen, with whole the insulin and you have a serious condition called, ketoacidosis that requires hospitalization.

Then you have the other end of the spectrum, a severe low of their driving, if they have their drivers licence or at school and so those things are scary and to be quite frank to that teenagers pass away. There's always a certain amount that pass away every year from those situations.

Then you add drinking into that, drinking and diabetes is, stop when you are a teenager. I drink all the time, I try to pull back before 9 AM every morning but it's very easy to drink responsibly as a bad guy. You can over drink, you can get drunk as long you test your blood sugars frequently, your friends know that you're diabetic and as an adult, that doesn't happen very often.

But as a teenager we could take things to the extreme, then there's also drug use, that can be rampant depending on where your kids, their friends, the high school that they are at. And that adds a whole dimension to it, and so I would say those teenage years of diabetes are extremely difficult.

I got diabetes when I was 15 and I was kind of a nerdy kid and I wasn't in to all that stuff. I had friends we went out, we even drank here and there but my issue was, therapies were so bad back then that's why my blood sugar was really high and I didn't know any better. I wasn't doing anything I couldn't respect, but every teenager doesn't..