How Does Food Affect People With Diabetes?

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[MUSIC] We talk about the classic thing that help regulate the blood sugar throughout the day, diet, exercise, medications but there is a whole longer list of other valuables that can affect the blood sugar. Everything from just waking up in the morning to drinking coffee even if there is no [UNKNOWN] sugar in it to time of the day seasonal variations, menstrual periods, emotional issues, certain medications, cigarette smoking.

So it's not just that exercise medication and that's why people blood sugar are all over the place that's what leads frustrations, not only on the side of the patient but also the provider. But food is a big dip up, and that's probably one of the hardest things, living with diabetes is that you're supposed to watch everything you eat everyday, you're supposed to eat at the same time, you're supposed to eat the same amounts supposed to be the same, consistency, carbohydrates, proteins and fat, don't eat too much fat, don't eat too much carbohydrates be careful of protein.

There is nothing left for [UNKNOWN], and so, that's a big issue at our patient conferences, we focus on our diet, help you cooking and, all kinds of, workshops on how to live a healthy life of diabetes through your dietary inventions but make it livable. The key is, as I said, eat the food you like but in moderation, I think it's all about portion control.

Then I think we're not what we eat, we are how much we eat. Sure, you don't want to eat things for is actually bad with coordinates, items all the time. If you can't take someone who is 50, 60 years old, they have ethnic and personal preferences, and say okay, you have to eat a spoonful [UNKNOWN] cheese, tablespoon of peanut butter [UNKNOWN] every morning.

That's not gonna work for a latino, or it's not gonna work for a lot of gringos either. You have to really individualize the diet so that they enjoy it but yet it's still deploying content and the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates that's healthy. And of course, you have to allow people to scourge once in a while, and if their control is good, then it allows them to scourge, more frequently.